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Sophomores at Akron St V’s


Although Akron St Vincent St Mary relies on veterans, like seniors OG Cameron Ervin and FS Scott Walter, sophomores RB Terrance Keyes and WR Jalen Ross lead a really good group of sophomores.

Terrance Keyes - 34 Akron St Vincent St Mary
Terrance Keyes – 34
Akron St Vincent St Mary

Terrance Keyes impressed me last Saturday with his running skills. Guessin 5’9-175. . Like his initial quickness and ability to find the opening.  Excellent vision. Good burst. Most impressive was that he carried the ball 6 times in a row. For the day, he rushed for 128 yards on 33 carries. The more he ran the ball, the tougher he was to stop. Plays with emotion. Definitely an RB to watch and only a sophomore. A top MRS RB in Class of 2020.

Size will be of some concern, but Terrance is physical. Better after 1st hit. Also like his leadership. Not afraid to show emotion and can, because he works hard. He leaves it on the field and teammates appreciate that.

Sophomore WR Jalen Ross was not targeted that often, but he did make some good catches. Listed 6’3-180. Gets separation. Like his initial burst off the ball. Like his concentration and focus on the ball.  Needs to improve catching the ball with his hands and not his body. That comes with reps and practice. Willing to block.

In a preseason scrimmage watched Jalen stretch the field and get deep. Against Buchtel, he was able to separate. Needs to run crisper routes, but ran hard, when he was not the main target. Will be an MSR top WR in Class of 2020.

Jalen Ross - WR Akron St Vincent St Mary
Jalen Ross – WR
Akron St Vincent St Mary

Both Terrance and Jalen were starters as freshman. Both play basketball. Both are athletic and run well. Both are big play guys. Both are sophomores and have promising years ahead.

Watched number 20 on both side of the ball. Good hands. Really versatile. Sophomore Marquell Cook is athletic and runs well. More than that, he is a football player. Listed 6’0-180. he is a player to watch.

A college coach has to look hard at a 6’7-300 pound offensive linemen. Really hard not to recruit him just on size alone. But sophomore Savon Washington will be watched by college coaches because he is a potential, really good football player. Of course, he has to keep working and getting better on offensive lineman skills, but he shows them now.

Savon Washington - OL Akron St Vincent St Mary
Savon Washington – OL
Akron St Vincent St Mary

Already bends his knees, but plays above pad level at times. Can drop on pass pro and shadow defender, Can lead block inside. Savon has the basic skills, not he needs to get better. One thing I appreciate is that he runs on and off the field.

Talked with Savon for a few minutes before a scrimmage. At the time he was sitting out with some concussion issues. Quiet, but liked his thoughts about football and basketball. A top MSR OL prospect in 2020 Class.

First met QB Luke Lindsay at a Toledo football camp last summer. Coming off a knee injury, he should not have been there. Did not and could not run very well. Also was carrying too much weight. Moving around in the pocket has improved. Agility has improved.

Also a sophomore, he gained a lot of experience last year as a freshman starting QB. Wish he were a little taller. Throws a good ball. Good velocity at times. Finds the open receiver. Needs to improve accuracy, but did have some drops in this game.

Have to see more from junior OL/DL Damien Palmer. All of the physical tools and passes the “eyeball” test. Needs to be more consistent. But like his potential. Also like back-up QB Ryan Fischer. In fact, I like his potential a lot. Runs well. Good size. Can spin-it. Needs to get to some camps next summer.

Sophomores at St V’s have much potential. As they continue to work hard and get better, they should be the nucleus of very good football in the coming years, including this year.

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