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Talyn Parker – An MSR Top 5 RB in 2020 Class


First time I watched Talyn Parker play last year was in a playoff game with Middletown Madison. The field was really slippery, but Madison was a very good senior team, especially on defense. Taylin was shut down. Period.

Last season he rushed for just over 2,500 yards and scored 29 touchdowns. Rushing behind a rebuilt offensive line may his accomplishments much more impressive to me.

Also in the game I watched, he just kept coming back and back and back, but saw little results. But as I told him yesterday, he never lost his cool, he never dropped his head, or never talked back to his coach. He just played the game. That is why I feel that he could be special.

Yesterday, Talyn was so impressive in my visit. The first question I asked him was what made him a good football player? First answer – “Mom and dad. They were there for me. They did not let me quit. They pushed me.” He got his athleticism from his biological father who was a really good football player.

Also told me that he started playing football  a year too early, because he was too fast to play against kids his own age. He has continued to run fast, which is one of his strengths. Runs for the Portsmouth track team. Has 11.1/100m this cold spring. Also runs on the 4x100m relay.

One of the areas that Talyn has to work on is 5th gear. Runs fast, but needs that final burst at the end. Also, needs to develop his hips. Needs to be able to redirect or change direction better. Needs some “wiggle,” but I really like the way he gets north/south. Working with a personal trainer, now, as well as the team.

His biggest piece of advice for freshman would be to take studying seriously. No messin around. He believes that not taking the classroom seriously was one of the bigger mistakes that he has made. Behind in academics a little, but is working hard to improve. Will be fine. Just has to put some extra effort to catch up and he realizes that.

Talyn’s dream is to be playing in the NFL ten years from now. If that does not work out, he wants to be doing something in the sports industry or in the sports business. Not for sure what, yet.

As far as a playing strength, he just gives great effort every time he touches the ball. Hard to bring down. He also values his teammates and will do what it takes to win. And that is carrying the ball many times!

Weakness? Footwork. I like the way he adjusts his body to the ball, but he needs to be able to “shake and bake” a little better. He agrees and his trainer is working with him on that part of his game.

Really believe that he is one of the better “pure” running backs in the Class of 2020. Toledo has offered. Other schools, like O-State and Michigan State are keeping him warm. Academics may be of concern to some. Really believe that he needs to “wow” schools this summer at camps. But he is better with “pads on.”

Character, attitude and effort are there. As he gets bigger/stronger/faster, the offers will appear. Of course, Toledo has produced some pretty good running backs lately. Oh well!

Visiting with him – was time well spent!


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