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Tanner Holden – WR – 2019 – Under the Radar

Tanner Holden - WR Wheelersburg HS - 2019
Tanner Holden – WR
Wheelersburg HS – 2019

My plans were originally to make Wheelersburg HS my third choice when I made the 3 hours trip to Portsmouth last Friday. Plans were to see Wheelersburg in the playoffs. An player injury, changed my plans.

Tanner Holden(2019) from Wheelersburg has the potential to be one of MSR’s top receivers in the Ohio 2019 Class. Long at 6’5-185 pounds, he will have to get bigger/stronger over the next year, but he has very good athletic skills.

Excellent hands. Catches the ball away from his body. Excellent quick feet. Runs discipline routes. Breaks down well. Big target at 6’5. Willing to block.

Strongest asset may be his ability to run after the catch. Catches the ball on the run and uses his quick feet to break tackles and make defenders miss. Impressed with his tip-toe up the sideline for a long gain. Good body control. Also like his initial quickness getting in and out of routes.

Tanner also played some free safety. Will make tackles. Really liked his leadership in the defensive backfield. Of course, he will earn his money as a wide receiver.

For the game, he caught 6 balls for 173 yards and 2 TD’s. The touchdown passes were 71 and 52 yards. In this game, more of a decoy than a target.

As with many 6’6 athletes, Tanner also plays basketball and plays it well. Very serious AAU player. AAU takes much of his time in the spring and early summer, but he still finds time to get physically stronger.

I often play my own “mind-game” with smaller school recruits. Can they start and contribute at the big school level? Really believe that Tanner can line up and play on any big high school program.

For now, Tanner needs to enjoy playing football. Athletic. Good leader. Good grades. A very productive wide receiver. No offers for football, yet, and making a sport choice could be tough. Over a year away, no problem.

Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Although smaller  competition,  Tanner Holden can play college football.



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