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TeRah Edwards 2020 A Top OL/DL


Groveport Madison High School’s TeRah Edwards has always been a favorite of mine. Good football player with a lot of insight about football and life in general. Great attitude.

I read all kinds of numbers for his measurements, but 6’2-295 is the closest to being correct. In the classroom he carries a 4.0 GPA and scored well in the ACT. Plans to study kineseology to get into the physical therapy area. That is, after his playing days in the NFL are over.

A two way lineman. Plays guard on offense and tackle on defense. He has committed to Northwestern to play defensive tackle. I would recruit him as a guard with the possibility of moving to center.

TeRah runs well. Offense – Good initial quickness. Like his foot quickness and balance. Good lateral range. Good lead blocker. Defense – Good initial pop. Neutralizes blockers. Gives good effort. Finishes plays. Needs to improve ability to disengage.  Needs to improve redirect or change of direction. On either side of ball, he has to play lower or pad under pad. Ability to bend, but needs to play lower.

Asked him about his basic “words to live buy.” “One moment at a time. If I am in school, I focus on school. After school, I focus on lifting. At work at Penn Station, I focus on work. After work, I focus on homework.” TeRah believes whatever he is doing at the moment, should get his full attention.

His strength on the football field is the ability to concentrate and to focus on the game. His football IQ helps him think and react.

He agrees with me as far as a weakness is his need to play lower. Don’t muscle everything. Play pad under pad.

Like so many seniors, his advice to freshmen is to take the grades seriously. 9th grade year is the year that you form your base. “Good grades get you off to a good start.”

Advice to prospects are starting the recruiting process. Work hard. Enjoy the game and have fun during the recruiting process. Don’t get caught in the recruiting talk of college coaches and recruiting reporters. Eventually, be selective with the media.

TeRah credits his personal trainer, Isaiah Richmond, for his football talents/abilities.. For his personal talents/abilities – Mom and stepfather have been huge.

I have enjoyed talking with TeRah Edwards, all 6’2-295 of him. He is focused and has a plan. So far, he has been able to handle the sales pitches of college coaches. Northwestern is a good fit for him. From what I have read, he will not change his mind set. Why, anyway?


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