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The Extra Level of Training


Yesterday afternoon I visited with Chuck Gresham the director of  the D1 Training facility just north of Columbus. Chuck has been the main guy running my combines over the past years. He is very qualified.

Always impressed with the way he communicates with his athletes. Hands on and has the knowledge that it takes to make athletes better and better. When I say athletes, they include boys and girls of all ages, and they represent many sports, other than just football. Chuck has trained divers, swimmers, softball players, and track runners. And the list could go on.

Being a former head football coach, many years back, I understand the mind set of so many coaches and not just football mind sets. Plus I am old school, but am trying think “new school.” Actually, I am doing okay with new school.

Anytime an athlete can make himself better, without hurting the team aspect of the sport he/she plays, I say go for it. But the team is always first with me. As Bo used to say – “team, team, team!” If an athlete wants more training, I am okay with it.

My other concern would be as a coach, “Don’t change the way my player is getting coached. ” Personal trainers can make an athlete better, but do not change what the techniques or the coaching points, that the head coach wants. Does not seem fair to the athlete.

Now if the head coach is okay with the teaching of new and different techniques – different story. Make my athlete better. This what everyone is trying to do. This idea may apply to individual type or Olympic sports. Probably not team sports, especially football.

With football, every college summer football camp I watch, the coach always tells the football campers, ” we are just showing you some different techniques. Some you may like, some you may not. Regardless, do the technique that your high school coach wants you to do.” Great advice.

Chuck Gresham has added a new choice to his program. Athletes can do just one part of the program. That is, if they want to focus on the weight training program and not so much the running and agility part, they can do just weight training. The can also do just the opposite. Obviously, they can also do both. Like the idea of a choice.

The financial aspect concerns me, somewhat. Some programs are just too costly. But, different training sites maybe working special deals or discounts. Be sure the instruction is worth the price.

Also with costs, if they seem high, I had better get what I pay for. I do not need overseers or helpers; I need experienced knowledgeable people working with the athletes. Honestly, those educated coaches, who can communicate, are sometimes hard to find. Gresham is one, because he would never work for me, if he was not.

Joey Velazquez

Joey Velazquez from Columbus DeSales HS. has taken advantage of every opportunity to get better, since I first met him. First saw him as 9th grader, but watched him as a 10th grader. A 2019 Class member, he is an OLB at DeSales. Quick, strong, and physical. Plays fast. Drawing some interest from some D1 schools. He would love to play college football. Might not meet the size every coach seems to want, but he is a hitter.

Joey’s situation is a good problem to have. He is holding a baseball scholarship offer from Ohio State. A serious baseball player. Hits baseballs all winter. Works on baseball all of the time. I believe that this summer, he is playing on a Bo Jackson elite team. Not sure. Joey carries a 3.7 GPA. Works on the books, as well.

Joey uses a personal trainer to get better. He has worked with Gresham for a long time. By the way, training with Gresham is no “walk in the park.” Works hard and cares about kids.

Strength, quickness, and agility are so important in football today. Really believe that core muscle development gets overlooked at times. Urban Meyer is one that feels Ohio high school football  players need to be more developed coming out of high school. I agree, but two weeks of spring football is not it. Getting bigger/stronger/faster is the answer.

” Make me better.” Whatever it takes!! Athletes need do whatever it takes. Under certain conditions – working with qualified strength/agility trainers is good.

Team first by all means.




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