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The Junior Year – Possibly the Most Important


Just finished  an early list of possible prospects in the Ohio Class of 2020. Roughly 260 prospects and out of that list, I have probably 140 on a list who I need to see this fall. Of that list, 60 prospects who really need to be seen early. I am getting ready for Ohio high school.

Juniors or the Class of 2020 need to be getting ready for some football, as well as the seniors. I would guess that they are and have been doing this, getting ready.

Off season training. Other sports. College football camps. Reading about themselves on the social media pages. Getting calls from internet media recruiting reporters. Just some of the do list on a junior list.

The Plan according to John McCallister

  1. Double check with their counselor to make sure that they are on track to complete the required number of NCAA-approved courses.
  2. Collect information on the SAT or ACT to be sure they understand the program. Get on the internet and look at samples of either test. Start thinking a possible test date. My suggestion after football season. But soon after.
  3. Double check your grade point average. Obviously – huge!
  4. Working out with the team is really important. Regardless of AAU basketball or American Legion baseball, football 7on7 competition is a team event. Do not skip a 7on7.  Workouts are for the team concept. Actually, “team get together” social events are as well.
  5. If you have made a commitment to a college, stay on top of whom else your college is seriously recruiting. See what other offers they are throwing out. Touch base with some of the other precruits who have committed. Honestly, I would not stop seeing and hearing from other schools. Ask the QB from Florida who just recently committed to Tennessee.
  6. If you have “offers,” start doing more homework. Research the football programs in more depth. Research the coaches. Research who else the school is recruiting. Do your homework. Do not become obsessed with the “offer” stuff. Focus more on getting ready for season. Offers in the Class of 2020 will be there for a while.
  7. If no “offers” yet, but some schools are keeping you “warm,” always return any request for communication that those schools may have with you. Do not get caught in the “offer” parades just yet. Focus on your team and winning games.
  8. There are some D2 football camps for high school players in the middle of July. Kent State and Miami have camps on July 27 and 29 respectively. Ashland and Ohio Dominican have camps, as well. If your high school team is going to any 7on7 competitions on a college campus, be sure to attend. Not only for the team, but also for some more exposure.

Recruiting, as most people know, gets earlier and earlier every year. More contacts. More offers. More pressure to accept an offer. My worry is how a junior recruit handles the recognition that comes with recruiting. The internet football recruiting media comes to mind.

If you are a junior and have had zero contact with any D1 or D2 coaches. If you have been to some college camps and not had any communication with any level college coach.  If you have not been to any college football camps at all. If you believe that you can play college football.

If the answers are “yes,” you must work hard and make this a super football season. Quickly, I would also mention HUDL video now. Early, but understand the Hi-lites process. Stay out of trouble, be a good teammate, and work overtime to be good. You need to standout and be able to be recognized.

If you are paying money to a recruiting service, be careful. There are so few “good ones” out there. Just seems like a money, for so few good things to get in return. Most D1 schools have at least an idea who are the best prospects in the Ohio 2020 Class.

If you are a D3 recruit be patient. D3 schools may have a prospect in their data base, but most schools are putting the “final touches” on their 2019 Class. But most of their effort is in the Class of 2019.

Exposure – Exposure – Exposure.

If you are a junior and thinking BCS all of the way – college coaches should know about you. College coaches have you on their board. Some prospects are receiving offers, but most offers are noncommittable ones.

Division 2 schools should know many 2020 prospects. They may know your name, but most have not had time to really evaluate you.

Division 3 probably have lists on names, but have not had time to do any evaluating. Plain and simple. They are really focused on the Class of 2019.

Needless to say, the junior year for a high school football player who has intentions of playing college football is huge. A good junior year gets his name out there. If his name is already “out there,” he will be seriously evaluated. Often times during the season.

Not too much “drama,” but for the most part – the junior begins the process. Stay out of trouble. Get academically qualified. Be a good teammate. Be coachable. Work hard and give tremendous EFFORT.


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