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The NCAA Eligibility Center – Briefly Explained


I was talking with two parents at the Cleveland Browns Showcase, and like many parents they told me the football recruiting process was totally new to them. They were in a fog.

The first thing I said was to be sure that they were registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Otherwise they would not be recruited by D1 and D2 schools.

“What is that?” This was their immediate response.

I used to tell my students all of the time. “Never assume anything.” Then I told them to put the word into syllables. That’s what can happen when you assume something.

I want to take some time to briefly explain the NCAA Eligibility Center and its importance, huge importance.

The NCAA Eligibility Center is a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and was created to ensure that student athletes are prepared to meet the academic part  of college. The Eligibility Center used to be called the NCAA Clearinghouse.

You will not be eligible to play college sports or get an athletic scholarship from an NCAA school without registering and being cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Before your high school sends an official copy of your transcripts to the NCAA, you need to have an account set up. If your high school  sends your documents to the NCAA and you do not have an account set up,  the NCAA would not recognize the documents. You would need to resend them.

 Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Create an account on the website.
  • Pay $70 dollars.
  • Ask your high school counselor to send official copies of your transcripts
  • Have the appropriate testing agency send official copies of your SAT or ACT test scores
  • Request your final amateurism certification. Possible to do online.
  • When you graduate high school, you need to request final certification and have you high school send your final transcripts and proof of graduation.

The NCAA Eligibility Center’s Role in Your Recruiting and Athletic Scholarship

The NCAA is responsible for determining the eligibility of  all student athletes at the DI or DII level. Without being cleared by the NCAA you will not be able to play college sports or receive an athletic scholarship.

Your ten digit NCAA ID number is your ticket to getting cleared by the NCAA. You can get your NCAA ID number immediately after creating your account and paying your NCAA fee.

If you are planning on taking an official visit to a university you will need to be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Before a coach or college can invite you on an official visit they need to add your NCAA ten digit ID number.

Hope that this helps to better understand the NCAA Eligibility Center. It all starts here.

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