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Thomas Eichenberg – MSR Top Ohio LB Recruit


I took this picture Tom Eichenberg’s football workout and his shot put practice this morning. Obvious perspiration from a workout. Also had a chance to visit with him, as well. I have evaluated him before, but never really had the chance to visit.

First, I must say that Tom gets it as a track guy. Three weeks ago, he barely put the shot 50 feet. In the District track meet he threw 54 feet. Last week at the Regionals, he threw 56 feet. This week he will be throwing in the OHSSA State Track Meet. One of the top 6 throws coming in. Peaking at just the right time. Tremendous competitor.

Much the same on the football field. Again, a tremendous competitor. Reads keys and diagnoses plays. Runs to the football. Plays well downhill. Good initial quickness off the edge. Gets thru traffic to make plays. Really good closing speed. Good blitz ability. Reacts to the ball.

Really like his tackling ability from his linebacker position. Does not over run plays. Plays fast but under control. Can drop into coverage. Good hands.

Guessin 6’3-225. Like most high school linebackers, he has to continue to get bigger/stronger/faster. Needs to improve his change of direction. Needs to improve his hips. Needs to continue to get more flexible. All of these “needs” are getable.

Intensity and physicality are too of his strengths. Competes hard and can take over a game from his linebacker position.

As he gets bigger, he may have to put his hand down and come off the edge. He is fast off the edge. He could also drop off into coverage in certain defensive calls. Athletic enough to drop in coverage at times.

I like him as inside linebacker. Big, strong and finds the football. Has the speed to get to the outside. Also has the ability to blitz from the inside.

Tom carries a 3.3GPA in the classroom. Impressive, in the fact, that St Ignatius HS has high academic standards. And I joked with him about that. Really enjoyed chatting with him. At times, he is even intense just talking with him.

He has some “offers.” Probably has his schools narrowed down to just a few.

In talking about his schools, I was a little surprised with some who are not showing a whole lot of “love.” But the ones who seem to be “for real,” are really good programs. Oh Well!

Tom Eichenberg is the best inside linebacker in the Ohio Class of 2019. If he out grows that position, he will put his hand down and come off the edge. Then he will be one of the better DE’s in the Class.

The best to him. Playing for one of the top high school football coaches in the country.


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