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Some Football Recruiting Stuff


I have received some interesting emails this week. Emails are better for me than phone calls. I try to get back to them, whenever possible. I can give an email more thought than a phone call.

This week I had my 3 and 1/2 year old granddaughter for almost 4 solid days. Great time. Great fun. Back to another type of fun. Football recruiting stuff. Two emails and a phone call.

One person asked me about the NUC or National Underclassman Combine. I have only had bad experiences with them. Money and time. My answer was not positive, but I said that if you have the time and money – go for it.

I talked with three FBS assistant football coaches and they really do not spend much time looking at results or performance evaluations. Comment – too early to really get excited about a freshman prospect. If he is playing varsity football – different story. But most are not playing varsity football.

Like I said, I am not smart enough to appreciate just how great a job NUC does. Honestly do not care, because too expensive for most college potential prospects, but not necessarily for a young football player.

This happened at a college football camp last week. A player who was on most college list, did not perform well enough at a major camp. No offer. A little disappointment, but he got over it. Anyway he has verballed to another Power 5 Pac school and will see that school all four or five years of his college career. Not all college coaches evaluate the same. Thank goodness.

My points here. During the recruiting process, try to keep an open mind. Don’t put all of “your eggs in one basket.” Save a trump card. Two, you have to work your but off in camp. In any camp, work hard, but , especially if you are trying to impress the your favorite college program. Finally, do not make a decision on emotions. Take a deep breath, exhale, and move on.

I say over and over again that “big is not always better.” Toledo, a MAC school, has some very good prospects verbally committed. Other MAC schools are doing well, also, but I just read the list of some of Toledo’s verbals. MAC football is fine. Bigger is not always better.

A good friend of mine called today and was really happy with the verbal of Dominique Long to the Michigan State Spartans. Dominique is the FS from Westerville South High School. Also plays WR. He was upset because JJ Huddle/Scouting Ohio only had him rated 61st player in Ohio. And that was at WR. If you evaluate Dominique, you rate him as a FS(possible LB), but not receiver.

Of course, the site said that rankings will change as they get closer to the season. Of course they will. Since Michigan State got a verbal from Long, you know his ranking will go up.

My first comment to my friend was, “So what.” Just some people’s opinion. Rankings mean nothing to college coaches when it comes to “offering,” a prospect.

Recruiting sites come out with rankings simply to get readers to their site. 24/7, Rivals, and whoever else need to get readers to their sites to make money. Sometimes they work as a committee to help cover the state. I do not make time to read the rankings, because it means nothing to me.

As for me, I am not smart enough to rank players. I see them and evaluate them and give them a rating for colleges, but I do not rank them. Hard to say if an offensive lineman is a better prospect than an RB. Hard to say, if a drop-back quarterback is better than a run first-throw second quarterback. Hard to determine if a recruits best position is a WR or a DB.

A name for you that is probably not on many rankings. Cleveland St Ignatius had a move in from outside of Ohio last year. Rough as an unmade bed. Darian Kinnard (2018) 6’6-320, offensive tackle. Got just a little playing time as a sophomore. Plays basketball. Watched him at an Ohio State Camp. If he works and dedicates himself the (St Ignatius way), he will an MSR top OL guy going into his senior year. Only a junior. Probably not ranked, but I would rank him. Like I said, I am not smart enough.

Quit taking football recruiting stuff in the media so seriously. Just gives you headaches and upsets you, if your son is not a high profiled recruit. The media has a job to do. But have fun with the stories that they write. Credibility? The football recruiting writer for the Plain Dealer probably missed on Danny Clark. I like Danny Clark a lot, but that is for another time.

Enjoy football recruiting stuff, but do not “jump off a bridge,” if you disagree. If you believe all the football recruiting stuff, good luck the first Wednesday in February 2017.




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