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Tony Crish Leads Lakeview Football


First saw video of Tony Crish (2019) his freshman year, running the football for Lakeview High School. Now three years later, he will be running the ball for Lakeview HS, but at 6’0-205.

Watched him at the Cleveland Browns Showcase and was impressed with his effort and focus. Listens, competes hard, and finishes every drill. Also liked his effort in the passing one on ones.

In the past, he needed to improve his overall speed. Good competitive speed, but needed to be faster. Saturday, he ran an electronic 4.6. In that case, he has improved his speed in the off season. Still needs to develop more of a burst, but is getting faster.

As a ball carrier last year, he could take over a game. Tough and determined. Tony’s college position will be on the defensive side of the ball. Possible – OLB or and inside DB.

Needs to improve his hips, but he can turn and has good closing speed. Just get quicker. Tremendous sense for getting to the football. Just get there faster.

Tony is not getting much love from D1 schools. Most are concerned about 40 speed. Has all of the other pieces, and, hopefully, the speed will be there.

The college football camps will be important. Like so many prospects, he will have to “wow” them. Drills will be good. Testing will be good. Speed and burst will be important to getting him to the D1 level. Give coaches something to see.

For Tony, he has to be in the right place at the right time. Only takes one coach to like you. I real believe this. Toughness and drive means a lot. Character means a lot. Of course, speed kills.

Tony Crish is off to a good start with a 4.6.

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