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Trevor Bycznski – QB – An MSR top guy.


Last fall, I missed seeing Trevor Bycznski play QB for Berea Midpark High School. Watching HUDL video did not show just how good he was. Watching him this past camp season was good.

Trevor Bycznski - QB Berea Midpark HS - 2019
Trevor Bycznski – QB
Berea Midpark HS – 2019

Good this past summer, but not as good as watching him last Friday. night against Amherst Steele. Berea Midpark lost something like 51-41, but Trevor can play quarterback. All 6’5-230 of him.

Don’t have his exact stats from last Friday, but at one time he was 12-27, but finished with a better percentage. The week before he was 26-32 for 461 yards and 4 TDs. But for me, stats mean a lot less than his potential to be a D-1 quarterback. In the right system, he could be a Power Five prospect.

In pregame, Trevor covered all of the fundamentals for a QB. He does all of the drills. The best that I have seen this year as far as specific QB drills. His QB coach must be good.

Listed 6’5-230, he is physically strong. Makes  all of throws. Moves well enough in the pocket to escape pressure. Eyes always down field. Finds the open receiver. Understands coverage. His 3.5+ GPA may help him read coverages.

Gets his feet set. Like his follow thru. Can throw the fade. Excellent velocity. Accurate. Sometimes the  other night he threw high, but he was over striding, which is correctable. Also needs ease it up on some throws, but receivers need to catch better at times. He can definitely “spin-it.”

Excellent leader. Went out for the coin toss. Like his attitude on the sidelines. When things started slowly for Berea Midpark, Trevor was always encouraging his teammates. Like his calmness under pressure.

Only a junior, Trevor will continue to improve as a quarterback. At 6’5-230, he needs the right fit or right system. Not 6’2-210 who runs first and throws second. Good athlete, but not athletic enough to run the zone read stuff.

A pocket type passer, but throws on the move to either side.  Runs well to gain yardage.

Glad I was able to see Trevor Bycznski. One of the top 3 MSR quarterbacks in 2019 Class. By the way his brother (2020), should be one of the top OL guys in his class.



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