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Trey Leroux – An MSR Top Six OL 2020 Class


Last year I watched OL Trey Leroux play as a sophomore against a good D7 school in the rain. Actually could not get a good evaluation, but he was just okay. Raw and lacked some fundamentals.

Last night I watched Trey play against an always tough Bellevue football team. He now plays for Norwalk High School. All 6’7-285 pounds. He totally surprised me with his play.

Trey plays left tackle. Did play some DT, but more as a back up. He plays both ways at times and does not seem gassed. But he is an offensive tackle. Last night, however, late in the game he knocked down a possible TD pass.

Good feet. Plays pad under pad and can bend. Can mirror on pass pro, but he needs to continue to get better. He will. Also understands stunts coming at him from the outside. Can block gaps on running plays. Also gets to the second level to block linebackers. Blocks in open space. Good arm extension.

One of his biggest weaknesses last night that he was too aggressive at times coming off the ball. Needs to play more under control at times. But if gets on a defender, he is does not lose him.

Some of his balance and aggressiveness comes from the fact that he has been a two-time state qualifier in wrestling. Loves wrestling so this will keep his weight around the 285 level. Good for him. Does not need to add weight. Excellent frame for a left tackle. Also shows explosion as a 50+ shot putter.

Trey impressed me with his all out continuous effort. Blocks on the second line for the punt team. Gets down field. Runs off and on the field. He does all of this carrying 6’7-285 and playing offensive left tackle and spotting on defense.

Needless to say, I was impressed with Trey last night. As he continues to work hard and get better, he will be a top recruit. He is an MSR top 6 offensive linemen. Tremendous potential.

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