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Trey Leroux – Big, Raw OL Talent


Last week, I got my first “up close” look at Norwalk High School’s OL Trey Leroux(2020). Watched him last fall. Watched him wrestle last winter. 6’7-300 and maybe a little taller.

Over the winter, Trey transferred to Norwalk High School. The last two years he played at Monroeville HS. I believe that Norwalk is home and that his parents graduated from there.

Contrary to 24/7 Trey is not there yet. He has plenty of work to do. But he is doing that work and more. Besides continuing to get stronger, he now works with a speed trainer. As we talked before the District Track meet, Trey realizes that his improved quickness will be huge.

First year for putting the shot put and he is in the 53 feet area. He uses the Davy O’Brien method. Slide and glide. He is really explosive and powerful. If he learns the “spin,” he is a 60 feet thrower. Like his effort.

Effort?? Do not question his effort. When I watched him last fall, he weighed 350 (or more). To get down to wrestling weight, he lost 60 pounds at least. He did well on the mat, but college football is his goal. He gives excellent effort.

Really hard to evaluate him last fall, because he was so much bigger than the defensive linemen whom he play against. Trey is an offensive lineman. He plays some DL, but he just over powers offensive linemen. Offensive tackle, maybe RT is where he would be comfortable.

Like his potential on the OL. Believe that he can bend his knees, but he plays high. Needs to play more pad under pad. Needs to get his arms extended. Good base. Good balance. Uses his weight well and is powerful after contact. Stays with his block, but must be more consistent in finishing, especially when blocking on the 2nd level.

Big frame as a pass blocker. Needs to bend his knees and develop a lower base. Right now, he is a better right tackle prospect. In two years, maybe either side. Improved overall quickness will help improve his foot quickness.

Like his toughness. Like his attitude. Does compete. Wants to be good. With the weight loss, he shows me some desire and discipline. Working with a speed coach, as I said earlier, will really help him.

I am excited about his potential. Raw. Tough. Huge – 6’7-285 and only a going to be a junior. If he works, he should be one of the top OL guys in his 2020 Class. The measurables are there. Trey will do the rest.


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