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Twitter and Me – Not for Sure


I am on Facebook and have my own website. I have played around with Twitter and now I am trying to decide if I should get “after it” and spend a few minutes everyday posting on Twitter. Not for sure yet, but it may be a “go.” Probably not everyday, however.

Above all else I want to be consistent. College coaches expect it. Prospects expect it. General followers expect it. As of now I have not been consistent. Actually I forget about posting, even after watching a prospect play. I have to be more consistent.

Just like a player, if I have a bad day or get home from a long trip, posting on twitter is not at the top of my list. But I need to be more consistent.

I do not want to be a Twitter Rockstar. “Just the facts.” This is good, but at times I want to get some of my own thoughts or opinions out there to my followers. Most of all, I want to credible. But I do not need controversy.

Really believe that if I have a few key followers or “who-manys” my name will get out there quicker. The who manys can retweet my highlights and my thoughts and opinions. Really believe that getting key followers will open up my chances to get college coaches, high school coaches, and recruiting support staffs to follow me.

I read this once on how to get noticed by the key followers or who manys.

  1.  Respond with comments to the things that they post – liking and retweeting their post.
  2.  Post about them in in my timeline. If I have a post about a coach or football program, I will mention them in my post. I can tag them by adding @their_ name. (I have to work on this).

If I post to and about about enough prospects or college coaches, I would hope that people would take notice. This seems to be a great way to get into someone’s circle. Hopefully, if I say enough positive things and  mention eye catching achievements, I can influence the “who manys” and they, in turn, may tweet to and about me or at least follow me.

I am still working on my twitter effort. Hopefully, I have enough wisdom or common sense to do a good job on twitter. Hopefully, I will tweet positive information or comments about prospects. Hopefully, all of my tweets will help  Ohio high school football to keep getting better.

One thing that I can promise followers and myself.  I will not go crazy on twitter. No overload. I will not make time to do too many posts. My advice would be the same for prospects.

  1. If a prospect is posting 10 times a day, it would be apparent that he is not spending enough time working on football, the classroom, or on being with friends. Overkill!
  2. Also, if a prospect is posting 10 ten times a day, there would be a chance that his posts would start to be old news. The important posts would be lost in the less important ones. College coaches will get tired quickly. Overkill!

Some advice for high school football players using Twitter. Hopefully, I am above all of the following, but I wanted to mention them for the players to remember.

  1. Do not be negative. Focus on the positives. No comments about ratings from recruiting media, or the star system, or no offers, and schools that have passed on you.
  2. No racial slurs. Self explanatory.
  3. Be careful how much personal information that you reveal about yourself.
  4. Do not retweet other prospects who have tweeted sill or negative comments about players, coaches, or other colleges or high schools.

Hopefully, Twitter becomes a part of what I do.



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