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Tyler Brezina Amherst QB 2021 Class


Amherst Steele just completed one of its better football seasons in a few years. They finished 7-3. second in the conference.

Quarterback, Tyler Brezina, may be considered one of the more improved quarterbacks in the Cleveland area. Watched him on HUDL his freshman year. Last year, as a 10th grader, he was more of a back up QB, but did get varsity playing time. Liked his athleticism, but he needed to work on his passing skills. Listed at 6’2-185.

This past summer, thought that he had a gun, but needed to work on getting his weight shifted in his delivery. Still I was concerned with his overall passing skills, but he could spin it. Also saw improvement on HUDL as the season progressed.

Tyler is still a work in progress as a quarterback, but he has made tremendous strides in all areas. Best of all, he understands the quarterback position. Understands progression. Understands coverage.

He told me last night that he is going to start working out for track. Track will be a new sport to him, but he wants to increase his speed and quickness. Good choice. Although he has good speed to escape pressure and get downfield.

As a first year starter, Tyler passed for 1375 yards. Threw for 14 TD’s and ran for 1.

Coming off a very positive season, including a 7-3 season, Tyler is looking to get bigger/stronger/faster.  As we talked, I liked the fact that he knows what he has to do to get better.

Looking forward to seeing him throw in May.



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