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Tyler Foster – A Much Improved TE – 2019 Class


Pickerington North’s Tyler Foster (2019) has made tremendous strides in the off season. More athletic, but so much more bigger/faster/stronger. Now measures 6’5-235. Last year, he weighed 210.

As a junior he caught 27 passes for 330 yards and 6 TD’s. Some catches were at tight end, as well as, at wide receiver. No more wide receiver, but he is a solid tight end prospect.

Last year, he caught the ball well. Ran okay after the catch. Had a concern about his ability to get into patterns. Concerns about getting off the LOS. Talked with him about his running and strength. Athleticism is evident, however.

Tyler worked hard with his Pick North teammates in the off season, but received additional training from D1 sports head strength/conditioning coach Charles Gresham.

Tyler now measures 6’5-235. Has improved his hand strength. Improved his agility. Overall stronger. Improved  catch radius. Still needs to get better with his running form, but he has improved. Although he has not blocked with pads on this summer, he has shown a willingness to block. Good technique in 1on1’s.

He mentioned some Ivy League schools, when I asked him about some of his favorite schools. With his 3.88 GPA and his 27 ACT score, those schools should be in the picture. Wants to major in sports medicine.

Hopes to make a college decision by mid July. Guessin that he may stay in Ohio, but he camped well at Michigan State and Minnesota.

Tyler has really improved in his strength, agility, and ball catching ability (stronger hands). One of MSR’s top TE’s in the Ohio Class of 2019. Still growing, still getting stronger, and still gaining confidence in his ability. Want to see him when he is 21 years old.



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