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Wade Sheets (2019) – One to Watch


I took this picture of Wade Sheets from Crestview High School in Convoy, Ohio, because for many, many years Crestview HS has been known for its basketball. Very good basketball!

WR/DB Wade Sheets(2019) has been one of the athletes who has helped the Knights improve its football program. Coach Jared Owens has put Crestview in the playoffs the last few years. The losses have been close and tough to take.

Wade had 11 interceptions last fall. Yes, eleven, as in eleven. Very disciplined from his free safety position. Reads the ball well. Great anticipation. Faster when the ball is in the air. Catches the ball in a crowd.

Wade’s favorite position is wide receiver. Excellent athleticism. Excellent ball catcher. As I watch video, he runs really discipline routes. Breaks down well. Understands how important gaining separation is in being a college receiver. Needs to develop a better burst. Needs to improve top speed. Willing to block on the edge. His toughness makes that easy for him.

This past winter he worked out in Cincinnati and made a favorable impression on the wide receivers coach. Enough, that he was invited to their camp. As with most recruits, the “come to camp” phrase will become commonplace. Last summer, Wade was not at full speed, because of an ankle problem. Football camps will be huge this summer.

After talking with him yesterday, I believe, that eventually, he will be playing outside linebacker on the D1 level. He did not say that, however. He is 6’2 every day. Guessin 195 and really getting stronger. Workout warrior.

Watched him at free safety on his HUDL Hi-lites video. Really good closing speed. Competitive fast. Physical. Plays with a nastiness that he must have. Liked his discipline at FS.

On the basketball court, he played full speed and was aggressive in the game that I saw. Liked his leadership. Actually, I was told that he played the last half of a late season game with a cracked bone in his hand. If the ball is on the the floor, it wold be his.

Like recruiting goes now, some schools will recruit him as a FS, with the thoughts of getting him to an OLB position. Of course, other college coaches will want to see him run routes and catch the ball.

As we met, we talked about coming from a small school program and playing in a small school (but tough) conference. Wade needs to blot out a lot of the noise. Noise — From internet recruiting reporters. From fans. From college coaches. From media.

Right or wrong, he needs to play with a “small chip” on his shoulder. In camps, he has to do some “wow” stuff. For any college D1 prospect, coming from a smaller school program – playing and walking with confidence is important.

Really like Wade Sheets’ potential to be a D1 football prospect. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Improve his hips. The good/competitive attitude is there.

For the Crestview people, Briggs Orsbon was a solid D1 recruit for Ball State about 10 years ago.


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