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Wayne’s Harris and Hill – Two Sport Athletes


Made a short trip to Tiffin to watch some indoor track competition last Sunday. Of course, I was looking for football players who run track. Also, knew that Dayton Wayne High School was competing. Guessed right, there were two juniors competing who have done well on the football field.

CB Justin Harris (2019) had 5 picks last year from his corner position. Guessin 6’0-185. Maybe a little bit taller. Did not see him at his best, because he had run 5 races the day before in Columbus. But really liked his attitude. Explosive out of the blocks.

Like Justin as a corner. Could grow into a strong safety. Good hips.  Can run with a wide out. Gets to the ball in the air. Speed to get deep coverage. Aggressive. Needs to keep getting bigger/stronger/faster. Very good prospect.

Brian Hill, also a 2019 prospect. Missed part of last season, but liked his HUDL hi-lites. Played free safety, but I could see him playing OLB at some time on the next level. Listed 6’3-190. Good frame. Good range. Reads and reacts to ball. Plays down hill. Seems to be in the right spot. Needs to get faster and more explosive. As I said, might grow into an OLB. Good prospect.

At the Tiffin Indoor, I watched him high jump. Good speed. A little explosiveness. Liked his calmness in competition. A lot of the heavy legs problem was the fact that his team competed in Columbus the day before. Looking forward to seeing him on rested legs.

What I really liked was his toughness and competitiveness. He struggled early. Had two misses at 5’10, but made it on his third attempt. Went on to clear six feet. Finished 2nd or 3rd. Liked his focus and drive to get better. Just compete.

I really advocate high school athletes playing more than one sport. Probably two are really the best, but some do play three. I have written blogs on this before, but playing more than one has positive rewards. The biggest reward – competition. Every sport has competition. Two – always some form of conditioning place.

Finally, seeing a football player compete in another sport benefits me. 1. Watch them compete. Is the drive and confidence there? 2. How do they react to coaching? Do they listen and how do they respond? 3. Sportsmanship. How do they react to competition. If they are winning? If they are losing? 4. Bench manners? How do they act on the bench and react to fan criticism? 5. Are they a good teammate? Do they care about their teammates? Really important to me.

Enjoyed watching Justin Harris and Brian Hill compete. They are good college football prospects. Better – after talking with them, they seemed to be good people.

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