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Westerville Central’s Ricky Hyatt 2020


The first time that I watched Westerville Central’s Rickey Hyatt was at the D-1 Sports Training Center in Columbus. Worked really hard.

Second time was at the Central District Track Meet. Believe that he ran a 15.0/110m hurdles. Same day he ran 39.5/300m hurdles. Needed to get faster, but he attacked the hurdles.

Watched him last Friday against Westerville South HS. He played aggressively and was always in the attack mode. Ran for 151 on 20 carries. Scored 1 TD. As a free safety, he had 2 picks and many tackles. Excellent motor.

Although he runs hard, breaks tackles, and gets north/south, I like him as a free safety. Backpedals well. Closes fast on the ball. Anticipates. Tough on inside run support. Physical.

Excellent at getting sideline to sideline. Faster when ball is in the air. Needs to improve turn ability. Reads and reacts to quarterback. Maintains a cushion. Reacts to the ball.

Guessin 6’1-180. Needs to get bigger/stronger/faster. Should be able to get BFS. Needs to keep working on hips and ability to change direction.

Actually Rickey Hyatt was a track guy, before he was a football guy. According to Chuck Gresham, the director of sports training at D-1 Sports Training, his work ethic is his strength. Good quickness, but he finishes every drill.

Rickey Hyatt Jr is a work in progress. His football skills are starting to get noticed. His effort has always been there. Combine the two and the future looks bright.

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