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Evaluating HUDL Highlights Video


HUDL Highlights video. Used to say back in the day, “Film doesn’t lie.” Today’s video is much, much better quality. There are ways to speed up video, but, for the most part, video does not lie.

Whenever I do an article on HUDL highlights video, I try to mention a few things in making a highlights video.

  1. 25-30 plays at most. Best plays at the beginning. Special teams later. If you want to make a 10 minute highlights video for “old time’s sake,” do it. But college coaches do not have time for a 10 minute video.
  2. Quit putting blind side blocking plays. That is not a sign of toughness. Maybe if the prospect was 5’6-125 and blind sided a 6’5-235 OLB, but that may also be stupidity.
  3. Bells, stars, and music really do not get it. Really all kinds comments on the video can be disturbing. Most important, make sure the prospect is identified on every play.
  4. Information to include at beginning: player name – jersey number – height and weight – cell phone – email address – twitter. Evaluators should have this already, but just in case. Honestly, player name, jersey number, and measurements are enough.

I have a check list of things that I look for  every position. I also use an older NFL team checklist that was used to evaluate college players.

OL – Power. Flexibility in ankles, knees, and hips. Ability to stay on feet. Ability to mirror in pass pro. Finish blocks.

TE – Size. Physical characteristics. Ability to run and catch. Willingness to block. Body control. Acceleration up field.

WR – Explosiveness. Ability to get separation. Ball catching skills. Football ability(a football player?). Body control. Willingness to block. Flat out speed.

QB – Footwork. Arm strength. Threat to run. Poise under pressure. Make plays. Can he motivate his team. Hard to see on video, but does he seem to be a winner.

RB – Explosiveness (including first two steps). Toughness. Break tackles. 5th gear. Ability to catch the ball and run after the catch.

FB – Toughness. Balance. Pad under pad blocker. Actually look at the possibility playing another position. LB, HB, TE, or DT.

DE – Ability to run. Ability to get off the ball. Hips and ability to change direction. Use of hands in defeating block. Size. Finish plays.

DT – Toughness and ability to defeat blocker. Playing low or pad under pad. Balance. Staying on feet. Ability to pass rush under control.

LB – The ability to run. Hips and the ability to change direction. Keeping shoulders square. Playing disciplined football. Ability to finish plays. Leadership on field.

CB – Explosiveness. Ability to “flip the hips.” Overall speed. Ability to back pedal and recover. Physicality. Confidence and swagger.

– Overall athleticism. Speed. Ability to back pedal and recover. Overall range. Must be able to stop runner. Be in the right spot. Smart.

K – Accuracy. Consistent from 35 yards in. Leg strength. Kickoffs to end zone. Mental toughness. Athleticism.

P – Ability to catch the ball. Athleticism. Ability to get the ball off in good time. Mental toughness and courage.

LS – Athleticism. Hip flexibility. Accuracy. Consistency. Poise under pressure. A certain degree of trust in all situations.

Also use these basic rules when I watch prospects in person. Use them  at camps, as well as practices and games . Of course, I use them watching HUDL highlights.

HUDL highlights videoes are good, but should just be teasers. Highlights had better be good. If a college coach asks my opinion on a college recruit, I try to watch a complete game. Learn more.

If a prospect or a parent wants my advice on any part of making a highlights video, he should call me. Email is okay, but I talk easier than I type.



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