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Zach Harrison – DE – 2019. Major Recruit


Olentangy Orange’s Zach Harrison is simply a “freak” when it comes to natural talent and running ability. Guessin 6’5-235. He definitely passes the “eyeball” test.

Zach Harrison - DE Olentangy Orange HS - 2019
Zach Harrison – DE
Olentangy Orange HS – 2019

A solid defensive end, but he did get a couple of snaps at catching the ball. Not many chances, but he is best on the defensive side, coming off the edge. Does not have natural “catching” ability,  but can get to the QB.

Orange plays more of a “shuffle and contain” with their defensive ends. Zach does a good job of shuffling and contain. Good knee bender, but needs to continue get better, as well as improve his quickness to change direction. Liked his tackling ability. Gets thru traffic to make a play.

Liked his length coming off the edge. Reacts well to the ball in the air. Really like his initial quickness and speed getting to the quarterback. Would like him to “sell out” more on back side pursuit.

Zach needs to let his body catch up to him. Big frame, but will need to add weight and improve overall strength and quickness. But that should be no problem. Watching on the track in the spring, no doubt that he can run.

He listens and takes coaching. As silly as that may sound, some “high-profiled” high school football players do not. Watching him along the sidelines, he takes coaching and then does it. When you have people touting him as one of the tops in the country, and colleges, like O-State, handing him an  “offer”, a prospect’s listening skills could lessen.

I would like to see just “pin his ears back,” and come off the edge. Believe that he has that ability, but would just like to have seen it. He can neutralize a blocker now. As he gets stronger and better with his hands, he will be a force off the edge.

Zach Harrison has tremendous upside and potential. Might not be on the level the recruiting writers want him to be, but as he works and gets stronger, he will be one of the best DE’s in the country.  A DE who can play for any team in the country.



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